Laser Tattoo Removal

The Derma-lase DLY2500 (YAG laser) Combo system is used in Laser and IPL clinic.

Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos. 

Lasers remove tattoos by breaking up the pigment colours with a high intensity light beam.  

The number of treatments you will need will depend on the age, size and colours of your tattoo.  The colour of your skin, as well as how deep the tattoo pigment goes, will also affect the removal technique.

Very Minor Area (1-3cm) – £60

Minor Area (5cm) – £90

Intermediate Area (9-15cm) – £140

Major Area (15-20cm) – £180

Additional Areas to Major – £130

IPL Hair Removal

IPL (intense pulse light) is a technology used to perform laser hair removal and offer a more permanent solution to hair removal.  It is increasingly sought after due to its effectiveness and relatively painless. 

This technology absorbs the laser light by the pigment in the air and converted into heat energy the damages the hair follicle to prevent regrowth.  If the hair is blond, red or white (grey), there is not enough melanin for the light to find, therefor the treatment is ineffective. 

If the skin colour has a very high level of melanin, the IPL are not able to safely treat darker skins as the light is not able to differentiate between the melanin in the hair and the skin.  This may result in burning

Success relies on the timing and frequency of your treatment.  IPL is generally performed every 6 – 8 weeks and is dependant of the area of the body. The reason is hair has 4 stages of growth.  The one stage IPL will successfully destroy the hair follicle is during the anagen phase. 


Bikini Line or Underarms – £60

Bikini Line and Underarms – £110

Extended Bikini Line and Underarms – £160

Lower Legs – £140

Upper Legs – £150

Full Legs – £210

Full Back including Shoulder – £220

Upper Back and Shoulder – £165

Chest – £95

Stomach – £95

Full Torso (back, chest and Stomach) – £250

All prices are per session

Facial Hair Removal

Centre Brow – £30

Upper Lip – £35

Chin – £45

Side Burns – £35

Cheeks – £35

Beard – £50

Half Face- £75

Full Face – £100

All prices are per session

Laser Pigmentation Treatment

The removal of pigmented lesions or “brown spots” are the most requested in aesthetics these days.  All pigmented lesions contain the light absorbing pigment melanin.

Lasers are used to selectively target the pigment whilst sparing surrounding normal structure.  There are 3 main reasons why the body produces excess melanin: sun exposure, hormone levels and acne scarring. 

Small Area – £65

Medium Area – £90

Large Area/Upper Cheeks – £120

Hand Rejuvenation – £50

Red Vein Treatment

Red thread veins (also known as spider veins) are tiny, damaged veins in the skin itself.  They appear as red or purple lines in a form of thin branches.  They can appear on the face and chest or on the legs.  Intense pulsed light IPL is a safe, precise and effective procedure with minimal effect on the surrounding skin. IPL offers a gradual and natural improvement to the skin’s appearance.  It depends on the severity of the veins from person to person.

Single red vein – £45

Small area (eg sides of nose) – £50

Medium area (eg full nose/full chin) – £90

Large Area (eg upper cheeks) – £135

Acne and Skin Blemishes

IPL acne treatment is a gentle treatment that addresses both the p.acne bacteria, as well as the pigmentation and redness of the skin.  It has less side effects than oral medication.  It improves your skin appearance and you gain your confidence back.  Number of treatments vary from severity of the acne and inflammation. 

This treatment is not suitable when you have active viral or fungal skin conditions or skin cancer.  Risks may include: redness, swelling and change of pigmentation.

Minor Area (9-15cm) – £75

Full Face – £110

Full Face and Neck – £180

Back – £200

Chest – £200

Laser Rejuvenation Treatment

The carbon facial treatment is very simple to apply and can generate some very nice results. It may also be applied to the backs of the hands.

The carbon facial treatment was originally developed in South Korea in the early 2000s. It is now becoming more popular across Europe and America, and various other countries. More recently, this process has been applied to the backs of hands, and other areas of the skin, such as the décolletage.

This is simply an ‘exfoliation’ process using laser energy to vaporise the carbon ink particles from the skin surface. There is a slight ‘nipping’ sensation

Carbon facial treatments are also known as a ‘Hollywood Peel’ or a ‘Charcoal Black Facial’. The first part of the treatment removes an applied black carbon paste which is allowed to dry into the skin. The second part of the process allows the laser energy to penetrate deep into the skin, thereby stimulating fibroblast activity which will generate new collagen in time.

This treatment may help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst also removing any surface dirt particles. The treatment process is non-invasive and pain free.

Face – £95

Face and Neck – £160

Hands – £50

Additional relaxation therapy package – £35

Neals Yard Remedy Facial

Facial wash for cleansing.  Then a facial scrub to exfoliate the skin by removing impurities.

A facial mask to revitalise and rehydrate skin to encourage brighter and fresher complexion.

While the mask is working you have a choice of Indian Head Massage or reflexology for 15 minutes.

Finishing with a relaxing facial massage with facial oil or rehydration daily moisturiser.

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